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February 20th, 2008

When I read elemons’s post on Dream Machines, the discussion of Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant reminded me of the novel Remake by Connie Willis. In it, movies are essentially made only by splicing together things stolen from already-made films–For instance, you might make a movie in which Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart team up against Peter Sellers, all of it taking place on the Death Star and in Anatevka. Or something. (I just made that one up, but that was the general idea.) It then occurred to me that if the film industry were to become like that, how much is it original? How much is film still art?

What about–for instance–vids/fanvids/whatever else they’re called? (Here’s an example of one, made for the British show Life on Mars. I think there’s an ad first, but this is just the first example of a vid I could find. Or, wait! Here’s one for the Pixar film The Incredibles. I kid you not.) At any rate, according to Urban Dictionary–clearly the reliable source–a fanvid is: A music video made by the fan of a television show or movie, using a song and video clips from the show/movie.


And I was sort of thinking of this activity and wondering how it fit into creativity, film, and new media. I’ve known a couple of people who made these and figure that it’s an art form–so to speak–that never would have emerged if we didn’t have computers. And now I’m wondering what other creative types of things we do now that never would have happened without the opportunities new media can provide.

And there’s my half-sensical musing for the evening.

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