Further Musings on My Final Project

April 13th, 2008

Let’s see if I can post this before my internet goes out again . . .

Most of this is the stuff that I’m still untangling in my head, but–

I was thinking about webcomics in relation to the creation/escapism into alternate identities that we were talking about with the Turkel essay on video games, and putting aside the traditional argument of comics as escapist literature, I was wondering if webcomics might be even more so, while in a way being less so.  Since the writer/artist has more total control than they would in other publishing outlets, they can be said to be playing god to their comic in some sense, and some definitely use it to make their own identities “worth reading about,” so to speak, such as Karen Ellis in her webcomic, “Planet Karen.”  And a certain amount of that sorta happens in “Toothpaste for Dinner” on a fairly regular basis.  So is illustrating a version of yourself for internet publication the same as escaping into an identity, even if that identity is you? At least, the version of you that you choose to print.  And then what can you say about webcomics that feature a single long-running protagonist? Can you suspect the writer(s) of escaping into that identity? But if you can, what kind of guys would want to escape into the identity of Dr. McNinja?

And . . . Um, maybe that’s all for now, because the internet is being wonky again.

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  1. Anika on April 14, 2008 9:15 am

    very interesting, because the internet is an alternate world in a sense, even though often it reflects the real world inside it, there does it exists some escape into an alternative identity, esp since you can make it whatever you want since its the internet. ill have to think more about this one, but is though provoking for sure

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