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April 24th, 2008

Just wanted to congratulate (albeit a bit late) those who presented last Thursday–I found all of your findings very interesting!

I’d never heard ning.com, so I was impressed with the way you created a network and got so many members. I’ve never been much for social networking sites, so hearing about them in general was kind of interesting, because I’d never really thought about them and their potential uses before.  Similarly, the presentation on Gaia was interesting, because it seemed almost like a social-network-meets-Second-Life thing, which seems to open up all sorts of interesting possibilities.  Then I wondered about where in such a venue you draw the line between the actual you and the created/avatar/whatever you . . . Maybe I’m still not sure how all that works.

Finale was especially intriguing to me, as someone who’s pretty much resigned herself to never writing a song.  This program, however, made me think that maybe I could.  Not a very good song, probably, but, hey, I can read music, I can tell whether or not I like how something sounds, and if I can simulate various instruments, I no longer face the issue of “I can’t play the oboe/violin/guitar/etc.”  I wonder now how many people have been able to tinker with the program to produce passably listen-to-able little ditties that they otherwise would probably not have.  (Or even actual, good, full-out pieces.)  Since you can compose a piece that no human can possibly play, is there then the danger that computers will someday eclipse human musicians?  Or are more humanly-possible pieces also easier to listen to, as well as play?  When you look at how much music has evolved and branched out in the last century alone . . .

Anyway, those are just some notes for now.

Good luck to everyone going tomorrow!  (Or, technically, later today.  In less than six hours, actually.  Which means I should get some sleep.)

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